About Us

“Nature itself is the best physician.”-Hippocrates

“Plein Air” is part of a French expression, “en plein air,” meaning “in the open air.” We are equal parts Belgian and Coloradan at Plein Air, so our products are inspired by these two very different but equally beautiful places. Belgium is rainy, green, small, and full of simple charms. Colorado is expansive, dry, wild, and mountainous.

We moved from Belgium to Colorado nearly 15 years ago and fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. These mountains are home to an abundance of wild medicinal herbs. At Plein Air, we try to hand collect and process as many of these herbs as we can for use in our products. This is called “wildcrafting,” and it is our favorite part of the formulation process. Searching for plants on a hike gets us out in that gorgeous, Rocky Mountain “open air” and creates a bond with our natural surroundings like nothing else ever could.

Our second favorite part is research: many weeks (sometimes months!) of research are put into a product before we even begin to experiment with a recipe. We care very much about our products being safe and effective! This is why, once a recipe is honed, we make only very small batches to control quality. 

It is our pleasure to share the beauty of Colorado (and a little Belgian charm) with these natural cosmetic and wellness products. We hope you will enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them for you. A votre santé!