New Mother Gift Basket

A great gift idea, and all around fun item to make!

We just had a new sale at the shop the other day, with a gift basket that I just adore making. I thought it may be nice to jump back in and discuss what makes this stand out in my mind as a great gift, and a fun project.

When I first started getting more knowledgeable about herbs and their healing properties, I was newly pregnant. I had been working at an OBGYN’s office and had access to opinions 24/7. As a side note I chose a midwife for my care perhaps I’ll expand on that in a later blog, a new world was illuminated before me. My midwife was exactly what I needed, she was confidant, calm, and extremely understanding. (I was for sure getting an epidural as a part of my baby plan, in fact that was the only item on my baby plan) So I needed someone that understood what I wanted for me. My midwife had asked what would make me comfortable, I gave her my list, and she said “you know best!” Working with her through my entire pregnancy was wonderful. And through the entire experience I learned all about the healing power of herbs and how they can help. She is definitely the reason I am such a big believer in how when properly researched and prepped, herbs and tinctures can save the day!

This is something I dedicate to all new mothers out there:

Description et lettre à une nouvelle maman! (and a letter to a new mom)

A thoughtful care package for the new mom in your life. 

Chère Maman (“Dear Mother”):

Our bodies go through so much already during pregnancy; then, once the little one is finally here, we have acute needs that we rarely have time or resources to address. This package includes several items that are quick to use but nonetheless powerful and effective. Each has been lovingly crafted by hand with completely safe, nontoxic herbs, flower waters, butters and oils to help you, Chère Maman, on your way to recovery so you can enjoy your newest addition! 

The basket includes:

-one 4 oz pouch of Herbal Sitz Bath
-one 4 oz spray bottle of Healing Spritz perineum spray
-one 2 oz spray bottle of Sweet Dreams lavender pillow spray
-one 2 oz tin of herbal Nursing Balm 
-one 3 oz kraft bag of Nursing Support Tea

Instructions for use as well as a complete list of ingredients will come on each product label. You can also refer to the individual listings on our shop page for more information. 

Listing includes gift wrap and a notecard, make it a personal gift for that new mom in your life.